One Page Plays
by Umlaut Brikauski
Volume I (2007)
One Page Plays: Volume I (2007) is a true masterpiece of words written for the stage, some say rivaling epics such as broadway stuff. It contains 20 plays spanning the length of about a page and touches upon interesting subjects such as: future doomsday, interpersonal relationships, inner-dialog, existentialism, and many more thought provoking topics. The book costs $4.00 and is great.
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($4.00 + s/h for 20 pages of plays and illustrations).

Vice Magazine says: '...on the peddling-nonsense as brilliance front, "One Page Plays," by Umlaut Brikauski. If the name alone hasn't clued you in to the brand of hypercaffeinated non-sequitur zaniness at play, here's a brief example...'